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Blog calendar    Dec 31, 2015

14 Songs For Your New Year's Resolution Workout Playlist

Need some motivation for your 2016 Work-out plan? Here are 14 songs that are sure to pump you up.

We’re pretty sure that just about every list of New Year’s resolutions includes a workout plan in one form or another. Your friends at Edison Partners decided to assemble a list of songs that are sure to get you fired up about the gym in 2016.

Here are 14 Edison picks for your playlist:

1. Chris Sugden's Pick

Lose Yourself by Eminem

Why: If you can’t get fired up with the opening of this song, check your pulse. Huge bass intro and the first line of the song…“If you had one shot, one opportunity, would you capture it or just let it slip”.

2. Chris Sklarin's Pick

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

Why: It's classic 80s rock and what's more motivational than Rocky? “Just a man and his will to survive…” [ Joe Allegra seconds this choice.]

3. Eileen Covey's Pick

Looking Up by SafetySuit

Why: Never know when you're going to turn the corner and your day just gets better.  This song gets you going in a positive way.

4. Tom Vander Schaaff's Pick

Gonna Fly Now by Bill Conti

Why: How else are you gonna eat lightning and crap thunder?

5. Michael Kopelman's Pick

Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga 

Why: Because the song makes you want to move like Jagger.

6. Kelly Ford Buckley's Pick

Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

Why: 150 beats per minute… Working out, driving…what don’t you want to do to the top feel-good song of the last 50 years?

7. Ryan Ziegler's Pick

Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N' Roses

Why: An oldie but goodie...brings me back to the good ol' days of wrestling and lacrosse practice. 

8. Judi Contursi's Pick

Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

Why: Great for running at 128 BPM.  Whether it’s a relationship, work or just life in general, “What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!”

9. Lenard Marcus' Pick

Fly Like An Eagle by Steve Miller Band

Why: Brings me back to my College Football days; and it's a perfect song for running.

10. MaryBeth Kelly's Pick

Are You Ready? by Creed

Why: The answer is ALWAYS!

11. Sever Totia's Pick

The Nights by Avicci

Why: Live a life you will remember and go venture far.

12. Joe Allegra's Pick

Don't Look Around by Mountain

Why: High energy start to finish. Great for exercising and also for any time you need a shot of adrenaline. 


13. James Hill's Pick

We Will Rock You by Queen

Why: Because who can’t get excited about pumping iron like Arnold Schwarzenegger…

14. David Nevas' Pick

Baba O'Reiley by The Who

Why: I like to keep it old school when I work out. Put that thing on repeat and you could run a marathon on a treadmill.