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Let’s go

For most, growth equity is just funding. For us, it’s a calling to that critical moment in your growth journey when it’s time for a giant, confident step forward. Where the right moves and best people align to accelerate growth. It’s that’s ‘let’s go’ time. The time for a partner who not only has walked in your shoes at this very juncture, but also brings the passion and commitment that matches your own.

A Track Record
of Team Wins

We're a growth partner
from all in to successful out.


Behalf of.


We deliver the firm to every investment with a ‘whatever it takes’ mindset that matches your passion and commitment. Our industry, investing and operating expertise has powered decades of shared successes with teams like yours.

Meeting you where you are...with a lot more than money!


Your success requires much more than capital – so why would you partner with someone who hasn’t sat in your seat before? The Edison Edge platform injects your business with proven expertise from operators who have led companies of similar size, space and shape. We help you accelerate and scale growth with highly adaptive and personalized plans, playbooks, and people.

what’s new AND what’s next   

actionable insights for
where you are and where you're going

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