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  • Sector: Enterprise Solutions
  • Location: Austin, TX
  • Date of Investment: 2020

Overhaul is a supply chain integrity solutions company that allows shippers to connect disparate sources of data into the first fully transparent platform designed for the logistics industry. The result? Data that is transformed into critical insights that can instantly trigger corrective actions, impacting everything from temperature control to handling requirements or package-level tracking, ensuring cargo arrives at its destination safely, undamaged, and on time. All active shipments, all corresponding data sources, all in real-time through a single unified view.

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Edison Team

Did you know?

Overhaul is tracking more than $1 trillion in total moving cargo. The company has a 96% recovery rate for FTL cargo theft and an 80% loss ratio reduction as compared to the insurance industry benchmark.

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Overhaul May 11, 2024