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  • Sector: Enterprise Solutions
  • Location: Zionsville, IN
  • Date of Investment: 2024

120Water is a proven, cloud-based water management and testing system used nationally by municipalities and water professionals to manage critical water quality programs. Comprised of end-to-end, integrated software, seamless test coordination and secure data handling, 120Water provides accessible, modern water quality compliance, reporting, and workflow management, empowering regulators and utilities to more effectively oversee all compliance standards while also improving public transparency. 120Water's platform has processed over 8,000 sampling events across the country. Government agencies partnering with 120Water to protect public health and provide clean drinking water to their communities include: the City of Newark, the City of Providence, the City of Buffalo, and Chicago Public Schools.

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Edison Team

Did you know?

The EPA estimates 9.2 million lead service lines (LSLs) serve water to properties in communities across the United States, affecting approximately all 50 states.