Electrifying Growth Episode 7: Even Tiger Had a Coach with ListenForward’s Steve Schloss

Chris Sugden . December 21, 2022


You can’t manufacture authenticity. And ultimately, its words and actions.”  - Steve Schloss, Operating Partner

In this episode of Electrifying Growth, you’ll learn from Steve Schloss, Operating Partner, and head of our Leadership Center of Excellence, on how leaders can listen, adapt to changes in the world, and create an employee experience worth working at.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discipline is critical for leaders as your company grows. You need to know how to design a team and culture supportive of that growth.
  • Many leaders claim they’re authentic when their actions don’t match their words. It’s your people’s perception of you and your character that determines whether you’re true to yourself.
  • Coaching requires recognition of the problem and the choice and commitment to solving it.
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