Great leadership requires context, perspective, and appreciation of the world around us. I draw from a love of history, photographing people and places, mixed-media art, the diversity of music, urban architecture and design, the innovative local business owner and the personal stories of people I have met along the journey


Steve is an accomplished chief people officer, executive leader, and trusted partner with the board and CEO. Known for his intentional, contextual, and values-driven leadership, Steve is a highly effective coach and facilitator for C-level teams and a proven assessor and developer of senior-level talent and capability for our VUCA world. He helps executive leaders and teams navigate and propel the organization forward, create and sustain value with and for key stakeholders, exceed key performance and impact measures, and affirm mission, culture, and strategy. Steve leverages his breadth and depth of experience and his strategic insight as a speaker and podcast guest across an array of leadership and HR topics; graduate educator and guest lecturer;, and mentor to emerging leaders across the tech and HR community. He is foremost a listener, observer, divergent thinker, re-framer, pragmatist, and designer of new pathways for growth, change, and lasting impact.


For over three decades Steve has built, scaled, evolved, and transformed global organizations and premier brands across diverse industries including banking and finance (Citi), digital media, entertainment, and publishing (TimeWarner/Time Inc), conversational commerce and AI (LivePerson), and currently sport (United States Golf Association/USGA). Steve spent twelve years as a graduate faculty member at the New School for Public Engagement in New York City where he designed courses that intersected strategy, HR, and the digital world. He was a Baldrige Executive Fellow and coach to global leaders across the Ashoka network for social entrepreneurship.


MS, Human Resources Management, The New School for Public Engagement
BS, Industrial Relations, Ithaca College


Simon Sinek said that “leadership is not about being in charge, it is about taking care of those in your charge.” My parents lived that mantra. We grew up in a home where hard work and learning mattered a lot, especially given my parent’s immigrant journey. As young adult Holocaust survivors, they came to this country with nothing. They flourished and made a difference in the lives of others locally and globally. That underpinning drives my own interest to do the same, as a leader, advisor, coach and parent. My dad owned several auto dealerships, and I spent many days working behind the scenes, with suppliers, customers and employees. I learned early on the importance of customer service, the use of data for decision making, the art of listening, and the challenge that comes with people and personalities of all types. I also learned the importance of candor, thoughtfulness, and empathy. My father was a values-driven business owner and competitor. He was tough, fair and a giving teacher. I am forever grateful.