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Blog calendar    Apr 03, 2023

The Get Podcast: Upgrading the CMO's Dialogue with the Board

Join me in kicking-off Season Five of the The Get podcast, with host Erica Seidel.

"What if you could take the CMO and Board relationship, and turn it from fraught to functional…. and maybe even to fantastic?"  Erica Seidel is exploring this theme for the newest season of her The Get podcast. I was delighted to sit down with her to explore this dynamic and what it takes to create an effective bridge between CMOs and their boards.
Have a listen to learn:

  • How to remove the intimidation factor when working with boards
  • How to build an ongoing dialogue with your board
  • Whether the board is looking to the CMO for content or confidence
  • Why you should NOT be re-creating the wheel with every board presentation
  • How board interactions are different in a downturn
  • How to upgrade from a reporting conversation to a strategic conversation
  • What it's like to be an operating partner focused on marketing and how to prepare for such a role


The Get podcast is all about driving smart decisions around recruiting and leadership in B2B SaaS marketing, exploring trends, tribulations, and triumphs of today’s top marketing leaders in B2B SaaS. This season’s theme is the CMO and Board Relationship in B2B SaaS. 

The Get’s host is Erica Seidel, who runs The Connective Good, an executive search practice with a hyper-focus on recruiting CMOs and VPs of Marketing, especially in B2B SaaS. 

Kelly leads firm operations, including investment development, value creation, portfolio management, finance and marketing. She also manages investments in enterprise SaaS and fintech, serves on Edison’s investment committee, and is the pioneer of our Edison Edge value creation platform.