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Solutions by Text calendar    May 31, 2023

Yes Day

The CEOs of portfolio companies SPHERE, Upright (formerly Fund-that-Flip), and Solutions by Text hosted 'Yes Day' celebrations... with varying results!


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Founder & CEO of SPHERE, Rita Gurevich, enters the office suspecting to carry out a fun 'Yes Day' activity focused on identity hygiene... but her assistant mistakenly tells everyone the day is centered merely around 'hygiene' instead. Rita is a trooper and cleans up the office - everything from the bathrooms to a pizza party hosted by General Partner Lenard Marcus - to save the day! 

Upright (formerly Fund-that-Flip) Yes Day

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Founder & CEO of Upright (formerly Fund that Flip), Matt Rodak, is influenced by Operating Partner Steve Schloss to host a 'Yes Day' with the promise that it will cure his 'control issue.' Little does he know that his creative team comes up with a perma-solution.

Solutions-By-Text Yes Day 

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CEO of Solutions by Text, "Davey" Baxter, is obligated to host a 'Yes Day' by Operating Partner, Steve Schloss. He agrees to oblige for one hour... and is met with an irrational Gen Z influencer pitch.

Hannah Kenney joined Edison Partners in February 2023 as Marketing Associate. She specializes in print and digital marketing and advertising, events, social media, podcasting, brand management, and content creation, while providing support to the Edison Edge platform. Prior to Edison, Hannah launched and exited a full concept bachelorette party business, BLUSH Nashville LLC.