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Blog calendar    Apr 25, 2024

Act Like an Operator, Think Like an Investor: Go to Market

Our 2024 Growth Index focuses on metrics that matter for growth stage companies to tell both their current and future stories. It encourages Operators to “operate today in the context of tomorrow” by stepping into the shoes of potential future investors.

Forecast accuracy. Retention. New logo health. 

These three metrics make up the Go to Market section of the 2024 Growth Index. We caught up with GTM Operating Partners Ryan Tognazzini and Mariann McDonagh as well as Edison General Partner Kelly Ford to discuss why these metrics matter for both operators and investors.

 Check out this video to learn how GTM professionals can use these metrics to drive visibility into their business, and how investors consider these metrics from an exit readiness perspective.


If you haven’t yet read this year’s Growth Index, download it here. 

Ryan has been investing and advising technology companies for over 20 years. He leads the Enterprise Software and Vertical SaaS industry practice for Edison. He is a member of the Investment Committee, and helps lead and support the firm’s Governance Center of Excellence and Director Network (EDN). He manages growth equity investments within supply chain & logistics, enterprise infrastructure, data management, go-to-market software, digital commerce, verticalized marketplaces, and workplace technology segments.