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Blog calendar    Jul 01, 2016

Why We Invested in Virtual Health

Edison Partners Leads Investment in Virtual Health

Interoperability has long been a major challenge within Healthcare IT.  This single challenge has had a rippling effect in the continuum of patient care with the patient ultimately paying the price.  Hospitals in mass are implementing health information exchanges to create data facilitate improved provider coordination across the care continuum.

The deployment of these exchanges and the increased focus on data accuracy and transparency comes as healthcare undergoes tremendous shifts in re-imbursement and the proportion of United States’ population over 65 is projected to increase from 12.8% in 2000 to 19% in 2025.

This is exactly why we invested in Virtual Health.

Holistic View of the Patient

Virtual’s Health’s platform can be implemented as an overlay to the existing infrastructure of a hospital, payer, hospice care provider, or any entity that serves as part of the health care community.  After connecting to the existing infrastructure Virtual Health’s platform acts as the master account on patient data. 


Drives Revenue

Implementing Virtual Health’s platform ensures that providers and payers can create the elusive holistic view of the patient.  With provider earnings dependent upon patient outcomes and reduced re-admissions, Virtual Health’s platform moves to the front of the line for purchasing because it actually drives revenue.


Visionary Team

The last driver of adoption for Virtual Health is that phrase that we all have heard for some time now, “population health management.”  Virtual Health’s CEO, Adam Sabloff, wisely targeted the highest cost communities that account for so much of the waste within our health care system. 

The platform’s flexibility has been confirmed with the company’s recent wins in the market, and the company is ready to scale.

Sabloff is a product visionary who took a step back to understand the needs of the market and built a strong development team capable of realizing his vision.  With additional customer wins and key management hires Virtual Health is well-positioned to become a market leader.

We are thrilled to have them in our portfolio.

Lenard is responsible for leading Edison investments in companies primarily located in the mid-Atlantic area. Lenard co-leads healthcare IT investments and leads Edison’s security practice. Lenard is active in the mid-Atlantic venture community serving as a board member for the Maryland Venture Fund and Greater Baltimore Technology Council.