Electrifying Growth Episode 2: This Is How You Hold Your Board Accountable

Chris Sugden . May 26, 2022

This Is How You Hold Your Board Accountable with Flint Lane

Flint Lane loves giving his board homework.


Seem bold? Maybe it is–but it’s good leadership.


Flint is the founder and CEO of Billtrust - a B2B order-to-cash payment software. He has been with the company for over 20 years. Under his guidance, Billtrust has gone public, maintained a 98% customer satisfaction rate, and been named one of the Best Places to Work in New Jersey for 10 years running. How has he managed this? By building a board he can rely on.


In this episode, Flint and Chris discuss how to build a board that will add value to your organization and culture, how to hold your board accountable, and the importance of transparency.



Key Takeaways:

- Who you raise from is more important than how much you raise

- How to enable your board to serve you and your business in the best way

- Why he errs on the side of more transparency, even as the leader of a public company


Read the episode: Flint Lanes Electrifying Growth Transcript 

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