Electrifying Growth Episode 1: How to Use Your Board as a Strategic Weapon

Chris Sugden . April 28, 2022


Episode Title:

How to Use Your Board as a Strategic Weapon

with Dawn Zier and Tricia Han


What’s most important when it comes to organizational growth?

Dawn Zier, former CEO of Nutrisystem and current Board Director for multiple organizations, and Tricia Han, CEO of MyFitnessPal, join the show to share their perspective.

Listen as they discuss the importance of maintaining realistic expectations, taking advantage of your board members’ expertise, and investing in leaders.


Key Takeaways:

  • Maintain a fighter instinct
  • Be realistic about what it costs to grow
  • How to use your board as a “strategic weapon”

Things to Listen For:

[01:00] Dawn and Tricia’s career paths

[07:00] Building culture in a hybrid environment

[12:30] Maintaining a fighter instinct and understanding the cost of growth

[14:30] Staying thoughtful, not formulaic

[17:00] Why strong culture and brand matter in hiring

[20:30] Using your board as a “strategic weapon”

23:00] Working with coaches as a CEO


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