Electrifying Growth Episode 4: Three Things CEOs Need to Do Well to Lead a Winning Company

Chris Sugden . September 22, 2022

A Conversation with Budderfly’s CEO,

Al Subbloie

On Edison Partners' latest episode of Electrifying Growth we welcome by Al Subbloie, a three-time Edison-backed CEO, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Budderfly.  Al joins host Chris Sugden to discuss what it takes for entrepreneurs and CEOs to lead winning companies in 2022.

In this episode, you’ll learn 3 things you need to do well as a leader in order to succeed this year, and beyond.

Key Takeaways:

  • 3 things you need to do well as a leader

  • How your responsibility has shifted post-COVID

  • The role of passion in guiding a great company to stardom


Read the episode transcript here

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