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Podcast calendar    May 12, 2023

Electrifying Growth Episode 10:  Mastering Grit: How to Develop Resilience as a Leader in the Tech Industry with Amy Kadomatsu

Are you ready to level up your leadership skills by developing grit and resilience that drive growth and success in the tech industry? Let us introduce you to Amy Kadomatsu, a brilliant leader and CEO who excels at turning challenges into opportunities for learning and growth. In this blog post, we'll reveal the secret sauce behind Amy's impressive journey, including her dedication to mentorship, her ability to embrace change, and her relentless focus on achieving goals. Get ready to learn from the best and follow Amy's example to reach even greater heights in your own entrepreneurial journey.

Amy Kadomatsu is a trailblazer in the world of high-growth technology companies. With a background in investment banking, e-commerce, and fintech, Amy has proven her grit and determination time and time again. As the CEO of Comply, she's led the company through rapid growth and transformation. Her ability to adapt and think on her feet has been vital in her journey from Harvard graduate to the top of her field. Amy's experience with mentorship and her passion for helping others find their own paths make her an inspiring guest for any entrepreneur.

Let's face it – the tech industry can be a whirlwind of change and uncertainty, making it all the more crucial for leaders like yourself to possess the ability to withstand and adapt, harnessing the power of grit and resilience. To successfully navigate the myriad complexities of entrepreneurship, staying focused on clear goals and fostering a resilient work culture that thrives on learning from failure will profoundly impact both your personal and professional growth. By following these steps, you'll not only elevate your leadership skills but also inspire the same strong foundation of grit, adaptability, and mentorship in others around you.

Embrace challenges and learn from failure

Developing grit and resilience as a leader in the tech industry is an essential quality that can contribute to the success of the company and the wellbeing of the team. Embracing challenges and learning from failure is a key step in cultivating these characteristics. Instead of shying away from difficulties or getting discouraged by setbacks, leaders who embrace challenges actively seek them out, as they recognize the growth and insight that can be gained. Learning from failure, on the other hand, means not only acknowledging when something went wrong but also analyzing the situation and identifying areas for improvement. This constant process of facing challenges, reflecting on failures and seeking continuous development is what ultimately separates successful leaders from the rest.

In the Electrifying Growth podcast, Amy shared her thoughts on the importance of grit and resilience in leadership. During her conversation with Chris Sugden, she emphasized how her own determination and focus on embracing challenges played a pivotal role in her success. For example, when she faced setbacks or difficulties in her various roles, she pushed forward and used these experiences as opportunities to learn and develop her skills. One of her key learnings was that luck is a result of hard work, and that grit and determination have been vital to her achievements. Furthermore, Amy mentioned the significance of giving back to those who have supported her and creating a scholarship to help others learn from her experiences.

Understanding and embracing challenges, as well as learning from failure, is crucial for entrepreneurs and leaders in the tech industry. These qualities not only contribute to personal growth but also foster a positive work culture where individuals are encouraged to strive for improvement and display perseverance in difficult situations. As Amy’s career has shown, developing grit and resilience leads to growth and success for both the individual and the company. Building a team that shares these values may even create a unique competitive advantage in the fast-paced and ever-evolving tech landscape. By relying on these traits, entrepreneurs can confidently navigate the uncertain waters of the industry and lead their companies to greater heights.

Cultivate a growth mindset and adaptability

Developing grit and resilience is a critical skill for leaders in the tech industry, as these qualities contribute significantly to the overall success of businesses in this highly competitive field. One way to cultivate these traits is by fostering a growth mindset and adaptability. This approach encourages openness to learning from failures and observing industry changes as opportunities for growth. By embracing change and the inevitability of setbacks, leaders can develop mental toughness, making them better equipped to tackle any challenge that comes their way.

Amy exemplifies the qualities of grit and resilience, which have played a significant role in her successful career. From her early days in investment banking to her tenure as Chief Product Officer for The, Amy has continuously pushed herself to overcome challenging situations in order to achieve her goals. An important element of her success is Amy’s growth mindset, which involves seeking out and embracing new challenges in order to learn and grow. She believes that determination, focus, and the ability to bounce back from adversity are critical factors in fostering a successful career within the technology sector.

Aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders should take note of the profound impact that grit, resilience, and adaptability can have on their careers. Embracing a growth mindset enables individuals to face challenges and setbacks head-on, using their experiences as opportunities for learning and improvement. This is important for the audience because the tech industry is ever-evolving, with rapid advancements in technology and constant competition from new startups. In order to thrive in such a fast-paced environment, leaders must exhibit the courage to take calculated risks and adapt to shifting scenarios, using their resilience as a fuel to propel them forward. By applying the lessons learned from the experiences of accomplished leaders like Amy, entrepreneurs can hone their own grit and resilience to better navigate the complexities of the tech industry and ultimately achieve success.

Build a strong support network and mentorship

Developing grit and resilience as a leader in the tech industry is essential for success, growth, and overcoming challenges. One key factor in cultivating these qualities within yourself is building a strong support network and engaging in mentorship. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who push you forward, invest in your personal and professional growth, and offer knowledge and experience will not only lead to personal development but also foster your long-term success.

Amy understands the importance of this first-hand. She credits the support and mentorship she received throughout her career as a driving factor in her achievements. She highlights the power of connecting with others in her industry and the growth achieved from this collaboration. In addition, Amy emphasizes the significance of mentorship in her career, emphasizing the value of both giving and receiving guidance. To her, mentorship is not just about passing on wisdom; it's also about mutual growth and pushing each other forward.

For entrepreneurs in the tech industry, building a strong support network and mentorship is crucial to achieving success. It helps in navigating the various challenges, pressures, and obstacles that come with leading a high-growth company. In doing so, individuals are better equipped to make informed decisions, bounce back from adversity, and stay focused on their long-term goals. Engaging in mentorship also contributes to personal development and prepares leaders for the ever-changing world of technology, ensuring adaptability and relevance in the marketplace. By focusing on these crucial aspects, tech entrepreneurs will gain the resilience and grit needed to thrive in their careers, fostering not only their own success but also contributing positively to the industry as a whole.

Have you tried these tactics and strategies? Share your successes and challenges with us in the comments.

Chris is Managing Partner and Chairman of the firm's investment committee. He has been on both sides of the table as a successful entrepreneur. His experience includes leading sales, product, finance, business strategy and capital formation.