Building a Customer-Focused Sales Process for Scale

Alex Symos . October 28, 2020

Who's the MVP of your GTM team?  It's not Sales or Marketing... It's the Customer.

When you consider your sales process, you likely think of the dedicated stages that shepherd buyers along the journey from prospect to sale, and the corresponding GTM actions that drive them there. But as all high growth companies know, it's the distinct (and sometimes nuanced) customer behaviors that occur during the buying cycle that are the ultimate predictors of pipeline progression and true repeatability.   


In this webcast, VP Alex Symos and Helen Baptist, COO at PathFactory, break down the customer-centric process that supercharged a 50% lift in deal acceleration and a 20 point NPS improvement for PathFactory, including tips to:

  • Assess your selling process

  • Develop a customer-centric methodology

  • Hone your process to achieve double-digit efficiency gains

  • Use your customer to help wire your GTM for scale


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Alex Symos, VP, Go-To-Market Center of Excellence

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Guest Speaker

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Helen Baptist, COO

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