As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information. - Benjamin Disraeli


Joy Whitney provides research and analysis for both business development and deal diligence. Her expertise includes uncovering prospective investment candidates and analyzing the market and competitive landscape for targeted industry sectors. Joy administers Salesforce as an integral part of Edison’s deal process, providing reporting and training, as well as optimizing Salesforce effectiveness for deal flow. She joined Edison in 2002.


Joy has over 30 years of research and information technology experience. She held positions providing business intelligence research at a pharmaceutical contract sales organization, a management consulting firm and a corporate investigations firm. Her previous experience includes programming, systems analysis and database design for AT&T and Lucent/Bell Labs.


BA, Computer Science, Rutgers University

MS, Library & Information Science, Drexel University


I believe that targeted information, at the right time in the right context, plays a crucial role in managing any business.  When I research an emerging technology trend, discover a promising start-up, or analyze our deal flow I am contributing to the firm’s knowledge-base.  I strive to be a resource for connecting colleagues to intelligence which assists their decisions.