Balancing vision and force of will with the ability to partner is what separates the good from the great. The most successful teams that I have been part of were made up of collaborative and passionate individuals that were able to pull together, drive past adversity and make success happen.



Daniel Herscovici is a recognized leader in Smart Home, IoT, and digital transformation. Over the past 20 years, he served in leadership roles at Fortune 50 companies like Comcast and Motorola and spent much of his career focused on creating new businesses within large enterprises. An entrepreneur at heart, he founded and led several business lines in consumer tech and tech-enabled services. He has a passion for customer-first product design and is always looking for innovative ways to address unmet, unarticulated market needs.

Daniel dedicates his time to helping entrepreneurs build world-class companies, sourcing and leading early growth-stage investments. Given his extensive operating expertise and experience, he spends considerable time with solutions that leverage data sourced from edge devices as well as their underlying platforms.


Daniel has sourced and led several investments for Edison since joining in 2018. Prior to joining, Daniel founded and led Xfinity Home, Comcast’s Home Security, Smart Home, and IoT business unit. In addition, he founded a premium tech support business unit and played a primary role in introducing Wi-Fi at scale into consumer internet households across the US. He maintains four patents in mobile device mechanical design and accelerated methods for improving the in-home Wi-Fi experience. He gained his experience in successive leadership positions at Lucent Bell Labs and Motorola mobile devices. Dan leverages an exceptional technical product design background and operational leadership to help entrepreneurs accelerate business success.


BS, Mechanical Engineering, Boston University

MBA, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

MS, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Drexel University


I am the child of immigrants. My mom and dad both escaped adversity in communist Romania in the 60’s, with nothing more than the clothes in their suitcases. They met and made a home in New York City where my dad, with little English, slowly made the American dream a reality. He got his start as a taxi driver and shoemaker and slowly progressed to business owner. Both my dad and mom’s entrepreneurial spirit, grit and dedication to the success of their family are what guide me to this day. While my career looks like classic large company progression, it’s far from that. I have always played the role of entrepreneur inside the enterprise, and approach challenges in the same way.