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  • Sector: Enterprise Solutions
  • Location: Austin, TX
  • Date of Investment: 2022

Slingshot Aerospace seeks to help government and commercial customers accelerate space sustainability to create a safer, more connected world. Slingshot Aerospace empowers government and commercial space organizations to better design, manage, and safeguard their assets, as well as mitigate risks, to ensure safe and reliable operations for all space-faring users. Slingshot is achieving this by bringing the space domain into the digital environment, and fusing together data from different sources to provide a full, dynamic orbital picture. In doing so, Slingshot Aerospace customers can make decisions at the speed of relevance and achieve clarity in complex environments.

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Edison Team

Did you know

91% of the current commercial satellites in low earth orbit are using Slingshot’s solutions for collision avoidance and space traffic coordination. By 2030, active satellites in orbit are projected to grow by 10x.

Job opportunities

Space Surveillance Engineer (5+ yoe)

Slingshot Aerospace Fort Collins, CO, USA,Remote March 2, 2024

Space Surveillance Engineer (2+ yoe)

Slingshot Aerospace Fort Collins, CO, USA March 2, 2024

Software Engineer - Sensor Network Infrastructure

Slingshot Aerospace United States,Remote March 2, 2024

Data QA Engineer

Slingshot Aerospace United States,Remote March 1, 2024

Astrodynamics Engineer II

Slingshot Aerospace Remote February 29, 2024

Senior Director, Capture

Slingshot Aerospace United States,Remote February 22, 2024