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Dan Herscovici


Dan's two-decade journey through Fortune 50 giants reflects his passion for founding, building and growing innovative businesses within larger ecosystems. As an investor and Partner at Edison Partners since 2018, Dan brings his expertise to growth-stage tech companies. He sources deals and leads investments with companies like Anonos, MacroFab, Recycle Track Systems, and RapidDeploy. 

An entrepreneur at heart, he's led internal ventures in consumer technology and services. Dan holds four patents, and was the CEO and co-founder of Xfinity Home. Notably at Comcast, he played a pivotal role in bringing Wi-Fi to tens of millions.  

Dan is a proud child of Romanian immigrants whose sacrifices provided the foundation for his success. 

BS, Mechanical Engineering, Boston University 

MBA, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania 

MS, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Drexel University


I am a product guy at heart. My superpower is identifying big problems to be solved.

Edison Origin Story

During my time at Comcast, Chris Sugden and I met periodically in Princeton to chat about the market. On one occasion, he asked for my perspective on a potential investment; I gave him some tough feedback (which turned out to be right!). Fast forward some years, I reconnected when considering my next move. Never looked back.

Favorite Music 

I have always been a big fan of Jazz (Miles Davis, Pat Metheny, John Coltrane, Chick Corea).


I was cashier and salesman at my dad's shoe store in Manhattan. Working there gave me an opportunity to interact with a lot of celebrities (e.g., Tina Louise, Naomi Campbell, Joan Rivers, Anne Buydens)...and touch a lot of famous feet!