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Casey Myers

Partner, Edison Edge

Casey is an entrepreneur and software executive who has brought his breadth of operating expertise to Edison Partners. He joined the firm in 2022 to lead Edison Edge, our value creation ecosystem, managing a team of Operating Partners, and our overall value creation strategy for Edison.

A dynamic leader, Casey brings 20+ years of operator experience across a number of industries, size, & stage.  Most recently at SundaySky, he led a multi-phased, multi-faceted seller-side process resulting in a successful $100M+ private equity exit.  Prior to SundaySky, he served as a GTM executive at Exstream Software (subsequently, HP), helping grow revenues 5X in 4 years, and a successful strategic exit to HP in 2008.  His roles and responsibilities have included executive management, business strategy & corporate development, along with multiple GTM leadership positions across sales, marketing, partners, product strategy, and customer success.  Additionally, his broad experience across healthcare, financial services, insurance, telecom, retail, public sector, energy, real estate, travel & non-profits have enabled his ability to apply proven solutions to many types of challenges for growing software companies serving these industries.

BS, Chemistry, Stetson University



Kelly Ford and I worked together at SundaySky in a prior life and stayed connected over the years.  After helping lead SundaySky through a successful exit, I decided to come over to the dark-side and leverage my operator experiences to help dozens of software companies, not just one.  Knowing Edison had been investing in value creation for many years, Kelly was my first call!



Pattern recognition.  Having been exposed to virtually every business function, a litany of industries, and the valleys and mountaintops of the $2M-$200M journey, I am fortunate to be in a position to tap this every day for and with Edison portfolio companies.

Proudest Moment

25 years of marriage ain't too shabby...  with four pretty amazing kids ages 12 to 21.


You can find me fishing, hunting, or playing golf in my free time.