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Webcast calendar    Dec 13, 2018

CEO Seven Webinar Series: Churn

Why Churn is evil, how to fight churn and how to beat churn.

There are certain things in business if you ignore you will erode, dilute, atrophy, burn precious cash and then perish. Equally your reputation will be damaged in public. That’s Churn. Other than your culture and your leadership, the number one enemy against potential, against scale, against pride and purpose to a successful company in the pantheon of corporate America is CHURN

In this webcast, Operating Partner Chris Clark and CEO You Mon Tsang discuss why churn is evil, how to fight churn, and how to beat churn. 


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Recording: Click here to watch the recording from webinar.

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Chris Clark, Director, Finance & Operations

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Guest Speaker


Churn Webinar Speaker

You Mon Tsang, CEO 

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