Cash in Your Pocket – Navigating R&D Credits and Qualified Small Business Stock

Eileen Covey . August 27, 2019

Technology is constantly changing and forcing companies to innovate. However, overcoming technical challenges at various stages of your business can be costly and time-consuming.  Utilizing the R&D Tax Credit provides a valuable economic incentive to pursue innovation. Tim Rankins, Senior Tax Manager at EisnerAmper, can tell you how.


Qualified Small Business Stock stimulates investment in certain SMEs by allowing the exclusion or deferral of gains from the disposition of QSBS. Seth Moskowitz, Senior Tax Manager at EisnerAmper, will explain how by discussing original issue requirements, holding periods, and exclusions to better navigate QSBS.


This combined session will cover:

  • Structure of the R&D Tax Credit, its application to payroll taxes, and the simplified or regular method for filing.
  • Review of eligible costs, qualified services and excluded activities under R&D Tax Credit
  • Defining a qualified business and QSBS requirements
  • Review of Section 1045 roll-over and QSBS transaction examples


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Eileen Covey, Director, Finance & Operations

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Guest Speakers


Tim Rankins, Senior Tax Manager

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Seth Moskowitz, Senior Tax Manager

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