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Introducing Our 5th Annual Edison Growth Index

With this study, we distill and prescribe characteristics, practices and best-in-class methods associated with "fast growers,“ which we define as companies with GAAP revenue growth rates of 30% or higher. This year, we found seven key traits associated with fast growers. Also, a keen focus on Customer Success emerged as critical to long-term customer retention and value, as did Pricing Model sophistication as a driver of consistent growth.  We also found that fast growers tend to take a more holistic approach to acquisition and retention of customers and employees alike, spending with intention to build a business model for scale that will bear exponential return as the company grows.  Find out more by downloading the Growth Index below. 

Use this report to compare your business to peers in the Edison portfolio, as well as industry guidance.  The benchmarks and advice will enable you to map your own plan and journey to becoming a fast grower. 

Bryan Wade - Sigstr | MarTech Spend for Fast Growers

Santiago Jaramillo - Emplify | Benchmarking

David Stillman - ExecVision | Customer Success