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    New Investment


    Edison's partnership is about much more than providing capital. The Edison team and Edge platform provide best practices, personal connections, strategic and execution leadership, and so much more. Edison has quickly become an important and strategic part of our team.

    Ross Shanken, CEO, Jornaya


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    New Investment


    The combination of Edison's decades of expertise in healthcare IT, coupled with their value-add platform make them an ideal partner and powerful catalyst for our growth.

    Adam Sabloff, CEO, Virtual Health


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    Navigators of the

    Entrepreneur's Journey


    I love the Edison philosophy. It's not just about capital... they focus heavily on delivering value to the business itself.

    Al Subbloie, Tangoe Founder, President & CEO

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    Partners in

    Growth Acceleration


    Neutral VCs give you money and leave you alone. Negative VCs give you money and ask for homework assignments. I was looking for a positive partner - a team that was there when I needed them and engaged on vital stuff. I put Edison in that camp.

    Flint Lane, Billtrust CEO & Founder

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    Nurturers of



    You don’t have one point person. You have a relationship with the firm.

    Glenn Stevens, GAIN Capital CEO

Why Edison?

Funding alone will not ensure the future today. Relentless execution and learning at every step will.  We empower this.

Our Strategy

We invest in high-growth leaders in sustainable markets based in the Eastern US.


We provide $5-12M growth equity investment


In companies with $5-25M revenue


Growing >25% at investment

The Edison Code

We nurture invention by determining the future today
1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.
We will do whatever it takes
So long as chance exists, we keep fighting.
We believe no one cares how much you know
Until they know how much you care. –Theodore Roosevelt.
We are passionate about learning
From our mistakes and from our entrepreneurs.
We are candid
Refreshingly and uncomfortably.
We celebrate victories
And turn setbacks into initiation.
We have fun
We do.
We invest in those who share these beliefs.

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