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Clinical and regulatory-based services to the biopharmaceutical industry.

Edison Ventures contributed strategic guidance that enabled us to shift from a services to a software company, as well as pharma outsourcing best practices

Jim Walker, CEO

2002 - Edison makes $3.4M initial investment; Begins to guide the shift from services model to software solution selling and a productized offering

2004 - Edison Director Network member, Jo Webber, joins the board

2006 - Edison recruits new investors for $10M financing to spur growth and provide liquidity to founders; Edison makes $3.6M follow-on investment, and adds Chuck Saldarini to the board who subsequently joins the company as interim sales and marketing executive

2012 - Company reports $50M in revenue and Edison refers Accenture who acquires Octagon generating a 6X return for Edison

Today - Current management provides world-class CRO software and services at Accenture