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TrueCommerce provides comprehensive suite of trading partner connectivity solutions including EDI translation, data mapping software and transaction network. TrueCommerce integrates with major ERP systems and deploys in SaaS or on-premise models.

Edison contributed capital and strategic guidance. Operational experience and a strong network made Edison the ideal equity partner.

Nick Manolis, CEO

2004 - Edison invests $4 million in TrueCommerce and Edison Director Network member, Pritam Advani, joins the board

2005 - Edison also brings Edison Director Network member, Bob Skinner, to the board

2008 - Edison recruits Nick Manolis who joins the Company as COO & CFO

2009 - Edison champions Manolis for promotion to CEO, who accelerates growth to 35%

2010 - Leading competitor, High Jump Software, completes IPO at favorable valuation; Edison promptly leads process to market the Company for sale

2010 - High Jump Software acquires TrueCommerce generating a 4X return on investment for Edison