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FolioDynamix provides technology and services to companies in the Wealth Management market including large brokerage firms, RIAs, asset managers and banks. The company's software provides front, middle and back office integration as well the capability to manage Mutual Fund Wrap, Separately Managed Accounts and Unified Managed Accounts in a single offering.

Chris and the Edison team brought significant resources that were critical to our success – the Edison Director Network, strategic guidance, rich talent pool, and several customers who happened to be Edison Limited Partners.


Joe Mrak, CEO

2008 - Edison Backs FolioDynamics - $7.5M Investment; Aron Miodownik and John Geraci, Edison Director Network members, join Board of Directors

2010 - Edison recruits CFO, Mark Herman, and CTO, Mark Davis

2011 - FolioDynamix Secures $16M Follow-on Growth Equity Investment

2012 - FolioDynamix secures $30M contract

2014 - Edison fully exits FolioDynamix to Actua Corporation generating $73.5M in exit proceeds, 6.4X return with 37% IRR on its investment