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Enterprise telecom expense management software.

Gary Golding’s active board leadership and domain expertise have been a constant for us throughout our entire relationship with Edison. Gary and Edison are all about shared success. Edison provided strategic advice and plenty of value-add as Tangoe has grown.

Al Subbloie, CEO

2002 - Edison makes initial investment to fuel international and domestic expansion; Edison Director Network member and VFA CEO, Jerry Kokos, joins the board

2006 - Tangoe acquires Trak Wireless and shifts to a SaaS model

2009 - Edison recruits Audit Committee Chair Ron Kaiser to board

2010 - Tangoe reports $68.5M in revenue and 70 percent CAGR

2011 - Tangoe trades Nasdaq (TNGO) at $10 per share, representing a 6X return and 15% ownership for Edison

2013 - Edison exits Tangoe with total cash proceeds to Edison of 10X investment cost of $8M