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Centers of Excellence

Powered by experienced operators obsessed with driving and accelerating scalable growth for Edison companies.


Is every function in your business aligned on your go-to-market strategy? Is Marketing accountable for revenue? Do you have the right bums in seats? Our end-to-end, systematic approach to go-to-market acceleration addresses these issues and more, helping you deliver differentiated products, market presence, strong pipelines and scalable revenue growth.

The Edison team has been instrumental in helping us refine our business model and go-to-market approach to differentiate Zagster and capture market share in the bike sharing space.

Scalable & Sustainable Organizations

Have you looked across your organization recently with a critical eye on how aligned and interconnected every employee is? Have you spent time exploring where the friction is among people and teams? Where your next process improvement can be for more speed, output and efficiency? How to get more value add from your BOD and advisors? Are you anticipating your gaps for growth?

We support CEOs in a structured, personal manner to find your next phase of organizational scale, decision making acuity and reputation as a leader of winners.

Edison’s ability to help us find great executive talent has been a huge value add that goes way beyond just dollars invested.

Financial Disciplines that Scale

Is the finance team providing relevant, reliable and timely information? Have you built a bridge between financial and operating metrics? Do you immediately understand the impact of business decisions on bookings, revenue, gross margin, EBITDA and your cash balance? Are you getting the most favorable terms on your LOC facility? Can you tell a story with numbers?

We help you avoid the GAAP accounting rabbit hole debates and stay focused on the strategic topics that drive enterprise value.

Edison has helped us establish the framework for how we make decisions and communicate top down in our organization.


How do you align near and long terms goals when prioritizing your product roadmap? Is there clear communication across your organization during every stage of product refinement and expansion? Are you considering various external and internal points of view when defining your product? Can you utilize the same backend infrastructure with varied front-end experiences to enable rapid scale vertical expansion?

We help you prioritize, build and communicate scalable product offerings that enable your best-in-class technology to translate into a differentiated product platform.

We knew mobile was important, but Edison knew it was more important. They focused us on mobile, which quickly represented more than 70+% of our revenue before we shifted entirely to become a mobile platform.

Optimizing Business for Exit

What actions can you take to drive a “bought not sold” outcome?  What are the components of ecosystem development that build your aura and spark inbound interest?  How can you cultivate strategic partnerships that evolve into something more meaningful?  Are you operationalizing the key metrics to navigate to your optimal exit state?  What are the negotiation strategies to minimize getting re-traded?  With more than 170 exits under our belt, we have a comprehensive set of proactive disciplines and other best practices for navigating a successful exit.