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May 15 - 17, 2019

Eighth Annual CEO Summit

The Hay-Adams, Washington, D.C. 

Strategy. Influence. Positioning. Negotiation. Formation. Execution. These are essential skills of a CEO across a wide spectrum of relationships. The CEO switches from the product to the pitch to the annual plan to the people on a weekly basis, sometimes daily.


What are the characteristics that the best and most admired leaders possess? Were these skills born or made? Can you learn to be fast on your feet? Is process and preparation your best friend in a negotiation or is personality the power punch? Is there a method to positioning yourself and your company for a maximum result?


Thank you to all that joined us for a highly interactive, instructive and fun-filled leadership event in Washington, D.C.


This year, our CEOs:

  • Learned about themselves and how to build on their core competencies to get what they want.
  • Heard from prominent national leaders who started small, took venture money and built big, leading businesses. 
  • Interacted and worked with peers this year more than ever before. 


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