Content is Key for Growth-Stage Companies, and for Edison too

Alex Symos . August 21, 2021



Earlier this year, several CMOs from our portfolio contributed to a list of 2021 marketing predictions. The article was an attempt to make sense of what was changing and what was staying the same after the pandemic year that was 2020. (You can read the whole article right here.)


Yes, digital everything is here to stay. And, yes, virtual events are still a thing. But my contribution to the piece was a simple reminder that not everything is changing dramatically, especially when it comes to content, and there is a clear difference between those who just provide lip service versus those who deliver on the promise of true thought leadership and education. 

“Those that are most knowledgeable about their markets and buyers will invest more in content creation as a means to communicate advice and expertise to their customers,” I wrote. “Upfront delivery of value-based information will become greens fees for securing meetings and mindshare with buyers.”


My point: Content matters a lot. And for Edison and our portfolio companies, it is critical too. 


That’s because Edison Partners is a growth equity firm. We invest in companies in fintech, enterprise tech and healthcare IT that have the potential for explosive growth, leveraging our capital to help them achieve scale. But there’s more to it than that. We also bring operational expertise to the table, offer one-on-one guidance, proven industry playbooks and growth execution plans in order to help CEOs and their teams make the most of the money they receive. 


All of this is to say that we’re more than just investors. We have a lot of stakeholders, a lot of information swirling around, and dynamic, high-quality content is needed to get the right message across efficiently. From video content from our CEOs to written pieces educating our companies on best practices to deep dives into the deals we’ve done, content is how we as a firm engage with our investors, company executives and other members of our ecosystem. It’s a digital world now, and we’re committed to putting our best face forward through every platform we have at our disposal.


That’s why we’re looking for a content marketer to help us communicate it all. We need someone to help us leverage content to elevate Edison’s profile and deliver on our promises to our portfolio companies across a range of modern digital platforms.


The Edison team itself is another reason that content is so important.


We come from all over. We’re a mix of investors and operators who have helped build and scale brand name tech companies. It’s a diverse group with a lot to say and the chops to back it up. As I mentioned, our approach to thought leadership isn’t just lip service; we really mean it, and our team is 100% bought in. 


It’s simple: Edison works with innovative companies that are building the technologies that are changing how millions of people bank, see their doctors, and manage their work and businesses. There are stories here that are worth telling.


Think you’re up for it? Learn more about the position and submit your application here.



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