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Contributing to the Cause - Pride & Purpose Postcard 2

Lacey Hull . April 29, 2020

We continue our Pride & Purpose Postcard highlighting two portfolio companies and their contributions during this pandemic. While some are helping medical professionals and patients, others are focused on helping businesses and sustaining the economy. Regardless of the role our portfolio companies are playing, we applaud their efforts.

Health Recovery Solutions

Health Recovery Solutions (HRS) is a telehealth company providing a virtual solution for high-risk COVID-19 patients to receive custom treatment plans in the safety of their own homes. HRS is currently partnering with more than 180 health systems and home health agencies across 42 states to deploy thousands of telehealth kits. In addition, the team developed a clinical pathway for screening COVID-19, which includes symptom surveys, clinical monitoring, custom education, and accompanying clinical best practices on symptom survey cadence and video visits. Click here to find out more.


" We have had a new order for our telehealth services every two hours for the past two weeks. We’re committed to working overtime in the warehouse and in the office to provide outside help to the healthcare workers that are on the frontlines of the outbreak. "

Jarrett Bauer, CEO

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In a dramatic shift to work-from-home, Emplify developed a free tool for managers to navigate these unpredictable times and measure employee engagement. This tool helps managers assess the well-being, remote readiness, and specific needs of their teams during the COVID-19 outbreak. The Employee Well-being Assessment Tool, which takes less than 5 minutes to complete, also provides free resources to help managers handle crisis situations and boost employee morale. Click here to find out more.


" As managers, there’s no map for navigating the situation we’re facing with COVID-19. We may not have a map that tells us where to go, but what if we had a compass to point us in the right direction and give us clarity on how to best care for our teams? "

Santiago Jaramillo, CEO

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