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Contributing to the Cause - Pride & Purpose Postcard 1

Lacey Hull . April 22, 2020

Today, we are launching part one of our Pride & Purpose Postcard highlighting two portfolio companies and their contributions during this pandemic. While some are helping medical professionals and patients, others are focused on helping businesses and sustaining the economy. Regardless of the role our portfolio companies are playing, we applaud their efforts.


VirtualHealth launched a comprehensive COVID-19 care management capabilities that enable healthcare organizations to proactively identify and manage both suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19. The HELIOS COVID-19 tool gives care teams complete end-to-end functionality that automatically directs care managers to appropriate communication, education, treatment, and care planning activities. In turn, case level information is aggregated in population dashboards that enable healthcare executives to monitor population trends in real time.  You can learn more about it here and more about their strategic partnership with Divurgent here.  

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" Many of our clients across more than 30 states have immediately implemented and embraced our COVID-19 solution. Our clients, like CCNC, reported that the new HELIOS functionality was ‘easy to deploy, helped get a response to COVID-19 up rapidly, and extremely customizable with superior support from the VirtualHealth team.’ "

Adam Sabloff, CEO    

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Suuchi Inc.

Suuchi Inc. is leveraging its global supply chain platform of over 600 factories and
re-purposing portions of their capacity to produce and source millions of PPE units for local, state, and federal health organizations. Suuchi is focused on being part of the solution and curbing the spread of the disease so our healthcare officials can attend to patients while ensuring personal safety and well-being. Click here to find out more.


" We are incredibly proud to be part of the solution during a trying time for communities across the globe. Even as things go back to “normal,” there will be lasting impacts - Suuchi will continue to serve as the supply chain solution for the new normal across industries."

Suuchi Ramesh, CEO

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