PHX delivers advanced cost management solutions to health plans. PHX combines people, process, technology, and business intelligence to deliver significant savings to their customers. PHX has been dedicated to providing superior customer service and developing long-term relationships with customers. Customers include Government Employee Health Association, Inc. and HCC Life Insurance Company.


2010 - Initial Investment

Chris Sugden – payments expertise

Lenard Marcus – healthcare expertise

Recruited CFO during initial diligence

Assisted with four additional C-level hires

Vetted and assisted with launce of Pay-Plus payments business

CFO of Pay-Plus came from Edison V Portco, Billtrust

Sugden – board lead for exit negotiation

Upgraded strategic financial process

2016 - Exit

Sold to Zelis Healthcare - generating over 10X return and over 70% IRR

Sugden joined Zelis board

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