Internet-based foreign exchange trading for institutional investors, money managers and private investors. Edison Ventures proudly announces that GAIN Capital Holdings started trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “GCAP”

Edison focused on building a market leader from day one. Chris Sugden’s active board leadership and domain expertise were a constant for us.

Glenn Stevens, CEO

2001 - Edison leads series B investment

2007 - Chris Sugden joins board and facilitates company purchase of founder CEO shares, transitioning him to Chairman and promoting Glenn Stevens to CEO

2008 - $80M run rate; $710M valuation

2009 - $153M in revenue, 42% CAGR. Edison recruits next-stage leadership team

2010 - GAIN trades on NYSE (GCAP), resulting in an 18X return and 13% ownership to Edison

2014 - Completes distribution of entire holding of GAIN Capital (GCAP) shares to its limited partners resulting in 17x return