NSi is a leading provider of Content Capture Workflow and Business Automation solutions. NSi's product automates repetitive business processes by integrating paper-based and electronic information into the existing business processes and line of business applications.

It's not who you partner with, it's who you have access to. The network of smart and experienced operational people Edison has access to is really a huge value-add.

Mehdi Teranchi, CEO

2009 - Edison leads Series B round; Sever Totia joins board; $7M in revenue

2010 - Company adds CFO, VP Marketing, VP Development, VP Services; 3 are Edison alumni from previous portfolio companies

2011 - $12M revenue; expands in key verticals Financial Services, Manufacturing, Government; adds Security solution

2012 - $20M revenue run rate, 35% CAGR; expands across Europe; adds software channel partners

2013 - $30M run rate; introduces Mobile and Security solutions; executes tuck-in acquisition

2014 - $42M revenue run rate; Nuance acquires company yielding 7.5X return for Edison